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That’s me! I am a student who loves hip hop and anime so I decided to create this site to get out my views and thoughts. You’re probably wondering where the name 808sandblues comes from? well 808s and Heartbreak happens to be one of my favourite Kanye West albums and I also loves Blues. So merged both together and 808sandblues was formed!!


Jabir McMillian

When doing this, I wasn’t trying to be too self-indulgent, cause honestly that’s never been me. I’m a simple dude in the core, maybe some expensive interests, but not much else. Obviously a fan of music, I fucks with fashion, mainly streetwear, and I love sports plus video games. I’d like to believe being a well-diverse individual can get me places in life and open up opportunities. I’ve always been academically inclined, I used to read a lot, so I feel like I got a decent grasp on the English language. Maybe that’s why I find writing reviews on music a decent past time.

On the real though, if you want to know what makes me a standout on this staff, I feel like 80% of my life these days is pretty much music. I’m just a guy in his last year of high school transitioning to abandoning his town and most of his friends for the future, so my real constants these days are just being indulgent in my all-time interests. So when you look at some thing I write, know you’re getting my truest thoughts on that material, even if it isn’t done eloquently. Peace.

Amari Lockett

I’m a senior at the university of central Florida who likes playing basketball and aspires to be a rapper with an electronics based background.

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