Top 10 Sad Eminem Songs You Need To Hear

sad eminem songs


Top 10 Depressing/Sad Eminem Songs. Listening to Eminem’s music you can most certainly tell that he’s had a tough life and been through a lot. He came from an unstable home, was bullied as a child, was alone and had numerous issues with his mother. While Eminem may be known for gore and shock lyrics, sad rap songs are one of the cornerstones of Eminem’s rap music career. This list looks at the Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs. Enjoy!

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10. Eminem – You’re Never Over 


Artist: Eminem

Album: Recovery

Song Release Date: February 18 2010

Length:  5:05

Starting off our Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs list is You’re Never Over. This song is a heartfelt tribute to Eminem’s longtime friend Proof, who died in 2006. He was shot and killed outside a Detroit nightclub. Both Proof and Eminem have history together as they grew up together in Detroit as young teenagers. Eminem stated that he and Proof were brothers and his death saw him lose a very dear friend. The chorus in this song is very emotional and touching. You’re never over deserves to be on our Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs list.



9. Eminem – Rock Bottom 


Artist: Eminem

Album: The Slim Shady LP

Song Release Date: February 23 1999

Length:  3:34

We would describe Rock Bottom as an extremely sad, raw and depressing song. The song deals with the effects and anger brought by living in poverty and not having enough resources to take care of your child. Eminem explains that the song was inspired by an event when he was fired from his job a few days before Christmas and had little money to buy his daughter a present. This song can be a lesson to anyone, you may be going through hard times, but things do get better, Look at how wealthy and successful is Eminem now. Rock bottom deserves to be on our Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs list.

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8. Eminem – Cleanin’ Out My Closet 


Artist: Eminem

Album: The Eminem Show

Song Release Date: September 17 2002

Length:  4:57

On Cleanin’ Out My Closest Eminem raps about how his father abandoned him when he was an infant and details the anger he has toward his mother, Debbie, on how she raised him. You can feel how angry and upset he is on this track. Years later he, however, apologies to his mom on the track headlights from the album The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Cleanin’ Out My Closet deserves to be on our Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs list.



7. Eminem – When I’m Gone


Artist: Eminem

Album: Curtain Calls: The Hits

Song Release Date: December 6 2005

Length:  4:41

When I’m Gone tells the personal relationship between Eminem and his daughter, Hailie. This is such a powerful song because it shows how much Eminem loves his daughter even though he’s not always there with her. He raps that he spends too much time recording songs and performing instead of being with his daughter. He’s struggling to find the balance between his rap career and caring for his family. When I’m Gone deserves to be on our Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs list.



6. Eminem – Kim


Artist: Eminem

Album: The Marshall Mathers LP

Song Release Date: May 23 2000

Length:  6:17

Eminem has gotten away with a lot of controversial songs in his career, Kim just happens to be one of them. Eminem’s most disturbing song is also one of his saddest. Throughout this track, he kills and kills and kills some more. He kills Kim’s husband, her stepson and eventually Kim herself. This may be a revenge fantasy song, it’s still pretty depressing to listen to. Kim deserves to be on our Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs list.


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5. Eminem – Mockingbird 


Artist: Eminem

Album: Encore

Song Release Date: April 25 2005

Length:  4:11

Mockingbird is another sad Eminem song that examines the relationship between him, his daughter and his wife. This is Eminem at his most vulnerable as this is a letter to his daughter apologising to her for a difficult upbringing, due to growing up in the media and Kim having severe drug problems. The hook on this song is heartfelt, emotional and very touching. After all the vile stuff Eminem has rapped about, who knew he had it in himself to make a song like this. Mockingbird deserves to be on our Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs list.



4. Eminem – Like Toy Soldiers 


Artist: Eminem

Album: Encore

Song Release Date: January 24 2005

Length:  4:56

Rap beefs have senselessly taken many lives and on Like Toy Soldiers, Eminem has decided that he has had enough of witnessing it. On this song he pleads to other rappers to stop the violence in hip-hop and that it is simply not worth it at all. Eminem calls for peace and states that beefing only leads to more people getting hurt. At the end of the music video, he pays tribute to rappers such as Tupac, Biggie and Big L. Three rappers who would be alive today if not for senseless murders. Like Toy Soldiers deserves to be on our Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs list.



3. Eminem – Beautiful 


Artist: Eminem

Album: Relapse

Song Release Date: August 11 2009 

Length:  6:32

There’s something about Beautiful that is just so touching and thoughtful. It’s meant to be an uplifting song but it’s also an emotional song. This song is about dealing with depression and drug abuse. Eminem wrote the lyrics in late 2007 before he was sober in 2008. This track is an example where music can be a powerful art form and actually save lives. It is one of the best songs on Relapse. Beautiful deserves to be on our Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs list.

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2. Eminem feat Obie Trice – Difficult 


Artist: Eminem

Album: Straight from the Lab Part II

Song Release Date: 2011

Length:  4:40

Difficult is the second song on this list that pays tribute to Eminem’s fallen best friend since childhood Proof.  The second verse where Eminem details a funny situation where he is suffering from sunburn and Proof says that because black people have melatonin (I think he meant melanin) they are not susceptible to sunburn is hilarious. R.I.P Proof you are sorely missed. Difficult deserves to be on our Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs list.



1. Eminem feat Dido – Stan 


Artist: Eminem

Album: The Marshall Mathers LP

Song Release Date: November 21 2000

Length:  6:44

This twisted song tells the story of an obsessed fan who becomes even more obsessed as the song drags on. Stanley, no wait Stan as he hates being called Stanley at the end of the track kills himself, his girlfriend and their unborn child because Eminem couldn’t write back to his letters. It is Eminem’s greatest song as well as his saddest. His ability to paint a picture is simply incredible. Stan deserves to be number one on our Top 10 Depressing and Sad Eminem Songs list.


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