Over the past few days, mysterious advertisements for a project seemingly titled 4:44 began cropping up across New York City. 

Fans went into overdrive as most believed that Jay – Z was dropping a new album as soon as it was discovered they were linked to Tidal. And Tidal is primarily owned by Jay Z.It’s been a long four years since Jay – Z released his last album Magna Carta Holy Grail. 

However, a commercial for the project that aired during the recent NBA Finals suggests otherwise though, consisting of a black and white film trailer in which Mahershala Ali plays a boxer and Danny Glover his coach. A card at the end reveals Lupita Nyong’o will feature too, making it a trio of Oscar winners. What will the film be about? A visual album for a different artist?

Check out the trailer below:

The trailer doesn’t exactly give a lot away in terms of narrative or tone, but given the 4:44 film will exclusively come out through Tidal music must still be at its core. We are hoping it is a Jay Z album and film combo!!


Here are a few stills from the trailer:




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