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Going from Odd Future affiliate and the L.A underground, Vince Staples has quickly become one of the most recognizable musical acts of the new age. After the quite well-received Shyne Coldchain series and mixes with cult icons, Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller, he would finally break out with the self-remembering smash hit, Summertime ’06. He’s also gotten a lot of hype from his GQ sponsored series, “Vince Staples Reviews Every F**cking Thing”. One of the premier relatable personas in the rap game.

Not to say that you didn’t already know this fella, but for the rock people that didn’t, he’s a pretty cool guy. I won’t front and act like I’m an expert of this man’s discog, but I always rocked with his features on Earl Sweatshirts projects, and some of Summertime. So when I saw how hyped the release date was for this (May 18th), I was ready for an album. Instead, he gave us a song and a release date (look out for June 23rd). I can’t really be too disappointed tho, I wasn’t even paying attention to dude. What I did get though, could make for a sonically pleasing project.


So first off, the video. You can tell some thought went into this. The album title, Big Fish Theory, likely refers to Vince as the fish here, as somewhat evident in the video. Ties back into the song’s content, which is mainly about how many wrong turns Vince has ducked in his life of thuggery, broads, and the underbelly of Long Beach, and specifically Ramona Park. You get the progression of the story up until a point where the sinking ship Vince is on has almost capitulated, and it ends with Vince firing off a flare for help. Really makes you wonder just how close the star was to not making it out of his own sea of sharks.

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Quick review here, you’ll really get the concept of this song quite easily on your own, I assure. I appreciate the tone, the flow, Vince always makes his backstory a viable listen as well. The hook didn’t really hit me at all, but that’s how it is with 101% of solo Juicy J efforts honestly. If we get some more Neptunes-type beats for Vince to surf over on this next project, I’ll definitely have to recommend a listen.


Track rating: 7/10

Listen to it below

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