Hit show Blue Collar Hustle is now back to view!!! After a long hiatus episode 4 is now available to watch on Seeka.TV on May 20. Seeka TV is completely free to sign up for and by signing up to Seeka TV you will enjoy a two week exclusivity period, after which the episode will be available on YouTube, Bingewave, and Go Indie TV starting June 3rd.

Blue Collar Hustle is described as a tale of four 20-something black men who, instead of coming of age, experience a “coming of culture”, while living in Stone Mountain, Ga. They are attempting to break into Atlanta’s booming music scene while juggling the responsibilities of careers, families, and the realities of existing as black men in modern day society.

The series stars Quentin Williams as Quan Banneker, an up and coming Hip Hop artist looking to gain exposure and recognition for his debut project. Alonge Hawes as Ajani Garvey, a manager of a tech-services company looking to reclaim his own creative spark. Howard Woodburn, Ajani’s best friend and right hand man who never hesitates to speak the truth; as harshly as possible. Shani Hawes as Asha Luna, a co-worker of Ajani and Quan’s who has become dissatisfied with both her job and life trajectory. Tijuana Agnew as Anaya Bassett, Ajani’s independent and resourceful girlfriend, who balances her job and actress aspirations with the raising of the infant daughter she shares with Ajani. And Roberto Cruz as Jose Torres, Quan’s best friend and musical collaborator who pushes him to reach for greatness.


The series is directed by Geoffrey Henderson and produced by his film company Geoffrey’s Planet LLC. Alonge Hawes serves as creator, writer, and executive producer. With Roberto Cruz, Howard Woodburn, and Shani Hawes as producers. If you are a fan of Donald Glover’s AKA Childish Gambino Atlanta series then this show is definitely for you.

Watch the previous episodes below:

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