Anonymuz – Exclusive Interview

Anonymuz – Exclusive Interview

Anonymuz - Exclusive Interview

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So tell us about yourself Anonymuz?

Im Anonymuz a rapper from South Florida who uses his life experience aggression and discontent with issues to influence my music. [twitter-follow screen_name=’808sandblues’]

How did you get the name Anonymuz and what does it stand for?

A friend of mine gave it to me he told me I don’t know who you are and you don’t know who you are so your Anonymuz and it just stuck with me you know.

Being from Florida, what is the music scene like there? Especially with XXXtentacion blowing up.

The music scene is cool for a lot of those guys and I think all they’re music is dope but its more so for turn up music, I don’t really see too much love from Florida like other artists may but I just attribute it to the fact that I’m still kind of unknown here (ironically) but my fan base is kinda all over but I would love to spread more awareness of me down here.

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You’re an independent rap artist on your own label, do you plan on signing to major or are you happy being independent?

 I’m independent and I will stay that way unless somebody gives me an offer i cant refuse ie (full creative control and a large advance for a small amount of albums that have to be released within a year of their completion/submission to my label) that’s the only way i would sign and I don’t own a label.

Are there any labels chasing after your signature and who?

Nah nobody has ever reached out lol that why I don’t think I’m well known yet tbh at least not in the rap soundscape I just think i have fans.

Streaming is becoming huge every year, and 808sandblues would like to know if you are being paid well from streaming as an independent artist and what are your other sources of income?

 I mean streaming is helping out a lot since there’s no management to take anything from me i’m just trying to survive at this point in my life and keep moving around and keep working right now music is my only source of income so i always ask fans and new supporters if you truly enjoy the music please buy the album or spread the word because it all actually goes to supporting me and not some fucking label.
Anonymuz - Exclusive Interview

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

 Rappers I love a lot of music so that is hard to break down but i mean besides the obvious being Kendrick, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco if we go into different genres i love Halsey shes incredible and her music is fucking awesome, Gorillaz just put out an album and I love them too, I really love listening to early Tinashe also (in case we die) its honestly too fucking many to name but I just like these artists and more I guess because they let me escape they allow me to be free.

You seem to be an anime fan judging from your music. what are your favourite anime’s and why?

I am, but to be honest I read more manga (the source material) then I watch anime. My favourites though are probably Berserk, Oyasumi Punpun (dont judge the name), Yu Yu Hakusho, DBZ, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Samurai Champloo.

What do you think of Kendrick Lamar’s new album and our perspective that it may be retelling Neon Genesis Evangelion?

 I mean its interesting but i doubt it lol i dont think kendrick watches anime.
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Have you ever gotten in touch/met with xxxtentacion and could a collab be on the way in the future?

Never met X but tbh he seems like a cool dude from interviews I’ve seen if I meet him though I don’t wanna be a dick rider fam so probably not unless shit just happens naturally I usually don’t make music with a lot of other people outside my producers.


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Apart from music what are your other interests?

Besides music I love reading manga playing games eating chipotle and minding my own business lol.

How do you feel about the rise of internet rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yatchy, Playboy Carti, Madeintyo and others?

 I think its great it lets me know that I still have a chance to come up off the internet.

There seems to be a new wave of anime rappers such as Madeintyo, lil tracy, xxxtentacion and so on. Do you consider yourself an anime rapper or just a rapper in general.

Nah I’m not lol I’m just an artist who likes anime.

Who is the GOAT rapper in your opinion?

Eminem… to me.

What’s your favourite album of all time?

Favourite album is probably The Cool by Lupe Fiasco I fucking live for that shit.

What are your favourite music genres apart from rap?

I love EDM, Alternative Rock, RnB and Trap Music. [twitter-follow screen_name=’808sandblues’]
Anonymuz - Exclusive Interview

What are your top 10 greatest albums?

Fuck man I can’t narrow it down I’m sorry lol I’m gonna have to pass on this I love too much shit.

Do you play any instruments? If so, what?

Nah I mean I guess I kinda play piano when I make beats and shit like that but not really much else.

What emotion would you use to describe your music?

Melancholic Rage.

What software do you use to produce your music?

FL Studio and Adobe Audition 3.

Who is your dream collaboration?

Dream collab is probably having a mentor like Dr. Dre to work with or Eminem on a bar for bar welcome to hell style track.

What changes would you like to see happen to the music industry?

 I want people in the music industry to start promoting more balance I feel like everything that gets promoted is just hard turn up type music witch is great but i like balance you know.

Will you be going on tour any time soon?

I wanna get on a bigger tour with an artist so who knows maybe.

What do you think is your best track and why?

My current favourite track is the Fruit of Eden off my recent album Vice City either that or my song Reasonable Doubt its just got a fun vibe I really like and the Fruit of Eden is really dark and melancholy and I love both of those vibes.


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what advice would you give to people who like your music and want to follow your steps?

Believe in yourself and ultimately be yourself that’s all I can say.

When is your next project coming out and what can your fans expect from it?

I have an EP coming this summer and I don’t want to reveal the name yet but its gonna be all bangers so there’s that and after that is my next full length album that I’m currently flirting with the concept.

Will there be any big names on your next project? if so who are they?

Nah most likely not I like to carry shit myself and also I don’t mess with a lot of artists but who knows maybe a few people will come thru I don’t want to speak about anything I’m not sure of yet.

Anything you would like to add on Anonymuz for your fans?

Anybody who is reading this who has heard my music and is a fan thank you I love you and I do this shit for you and those who haven’t heard my music who wanna give it a chance I hope you enjoy what you hear and become a part of this family and shout out to you guys for the interview I greatly appreciate it.

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