Who is GothBoiClique member Lil Tracy?


Who is GothBoiClique Member Lil Tracy?

Lil Tracy

Who is GothBoiClique Member Lil Tracy? You probably haven’t heard of GothBoiClique, they’re a collective who are known for their dyed coloured hair, overly tattooed bodies, weird mannerisms and the uprising genre emo/rock rap. One member who oddly sticks out is Jazz butler,  formally known as Yung Bruh and currently known as Lil Tracy.  Aged 19, born and bred in Virginia, Lil Tracy alongside Lil Peep are at the forefront of Emo rap/Alternative rock rap.

Lil Tracy is the son of two famous musicians, his dad is Ishmael Butler from experimental hip-hop group Shabazz Palaces and his mom is Coco Clemens from popular 90s girl group Sisters With Voices. He first debuted in 2014 as as Yung Bruh with Emocean under the Thraxxhouse collective, until he changed his sound. Simply put Tracy’s a weirdo, he’s got dyed red hair, obsesses over manga and anime, at times dresses like an anime character as seen in the video below entitled ‘Fell Asleep In The Bando’ where he looks like a One Piece pirate. Plus he’s got a funny looking moustache that’s reminiscent of Alex Louis Armstrong from anime classic Full metal Alchemist.





However, behind his weird looking image is a young man who makes abstract yet catchy appealing music. He picks his beats well that complement his rockish sounding voice. He’s not lyrically perfect, but to hold that against him would be excessively harsh because today’s current rap climate and fans don’t put a huge emphasise on lyrics, if it did then the Lil Yatchy’s and Lil Uzi Vert’s would not exist.

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Tracy is all about production, which is abstract, crisp and catchy, he’s also seems to know what he’s doing, what direction he wants to go to and most important he’s found his sound, which at the age of 19 years shows his maturity. His sound consists of Autotuned melodies, trap, emo/alternative rock influences, video game synths, mellow sounds and anime influences. At his already short career, Tracy is quite prominently known in the underground, constantly selling out with his partner in crime Lil Peep. If you like all types of rap music then you actually may like Lil Tracy.

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Check him out below:




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