Introduction: Eric Wells is a dope interviewer who you have probably never heard of or come across. Eric, is slowly but steadily making a name for himself across the internet as an interviewer. He has co-signs from Anthony Fantano and Tariq Nasheed and has interviewed many prominent individuals such as Kodie Shane, Digital Nas, OG Maco and recently SykSense. We got in touch with Eric to find out more about him.

So tell us about yourself Eric?

I’m a young high schooler who is really a loser in real life. Not too many friends. No females on deck. Pretty sucky. I feel like no bad females reading this but if their is, please hit me on ig @youaintpackinmeat. I can cook cheese grits.

What made you start interviewing? 

Literally I met the rapper Wifisfuneral at a Robb banks show and he liked my free Gucci shirt I had on. My friend @NateNumbaEight was the creator of this shirt and he was there also and he asked nate for a shirt, nate’s shirts was at his crib so he asked to hop in the car and go to nate crib. We did so and became cool wit him and I made it seem like I was a journalist and I asked to interview him. I did so and it’s all from there. I’m really not a journalist y’all boys

Who are your favourite interviewers and why?

I like nardwaur. That n–ga a trip. He be wylin. N–ga be knowing stuff bout you that you ain’t even know about yourself. Cthagod of course cause he’s reckless out the mouth and is funny of course. I hate when n–gas try to meatride the person they are interviewing and don’t even be a big fan forreal

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Who was the best person you interviewed and why? 

Prolly honorable c note. Cool guy. Felt like I knew him forever.

Eric 2

Just how much preparation do you put in preparing to interview someone? Do you feel like its better to have a conversation with the interviewee or are you dead set in having a structure throughout and why?

A n–ga really not a journalist lmfao I make up questions tho. I be looking at my phone while I do my interviews but n–gas can’t see it cause the phone be outta view. But I want it to flow like a convo. I been interviewing some pretty cool n–gas so it’s easy to talk to them.

YouTube is an incredible platform that has allowed you to showcase your talent for interviewing, what other platforms are you considering to expand your brand?

Lmfaoooooo y’all boys really making it feel like I’m got damn Oprah Winfrey. But I really don’t know bruh bruh. I’m just letting it flow. I wanna do a TV show one day tho. The concept is hard. But n–gas be stealing so I ain’t gone say it.

Is interviewing just a hobby at this point or are you seriously looking to go into this professionally?

I truly don’t know. If it blows up it blows up. If it doesn’t then it doesn’t. Like I said I’m just flowing wit the boat.

Who is your dream interviewee and why?

Pinky or Ava Devine so they can give me the suck afterwards. Ava Devine don’t care lmao. She will put a n–ga meat down her throat as if she don’t have a esophagus. And idc pinky fine. I’ll spit that smooth talk to her that she can’t resists ya feel me *holds up index finger to lip and says DatWay*

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Who is the GOAT rapper in your opinion and why?

GhostFace Killah. He’s the gawd. From story telling to spitting crazy bars. He also can give u that I ain’t wash my neck in 3 months Music. I love it.

What’s your favourite album of all time and why?

I honestly have no answer to that. I love you many albums tbh.

Eric 3

What are your favourite music Genres?

I like em all. To rap, R&B, Soul, Electronic music, Folk music, rock, soft rock, indie rock/folk, pop. All that. Old country music be sliding too. Y’all boys up on that Johnny cash?

What are your top 10 greatest albums? 

I’m horrible at rating things. Can’t even do that

What are your top 10 rap albums?

Couldn’t even do it bruh.

What changes would you like to see happen to the music industry?

More abstract and original ideas

What do you think about Donald trump?

That guy funny. It’s crazy he really finessed people into voting him in.

Any hobbies apart from music and interviewing that you are interested in?

I will hoop any n–ga in north Florida up. I will give any n–ga buckets. What’s good?  If you want it DM me and I will arrange a game wit you.

What do you hate most about this world?

Negative people. I don’t like negativity. I hate everybody is so sensitive too. Dave Chappelle in trouble for making jokes? N–ga what? Smh shut up. GOAT stand ups btw. Go peep.

If you had the power, what would you do or change?

Children suffering from sicknesses. Or anybody. But I would want every child to be happy and not suffering. I don’t even like kids but I love to see kids happy.

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What are you planning in the future and what advice would you give to people who like your interviewing and want to follow in your steps?

Lmao man I’m still tryna make it myself. But just be yourself and don’t try to copy a interviewing style. Be how you would be if me and u was talking. But don’t follow after me. I am not the n–ga u wanna look up to tho.

Anything you would like to add on?

Follow me on the gram @youaintpackinmeat and stay peaceful. Free my brother chanzel. RIP to all my folks that felt victim to cancer last year and this year already. I’ll holla at y’all boys later.


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