Who is Upcoming R&B artist 24hrs?

Who is R&B artist 24hrs?


Who is 24hrs? I first found 24hrs through Youtube recommendations (is it me or have YouTube recommendations been killing it lately) mid last year and ever since then he’s consistently dropped good music. However, I’ve always knew he looked extremely similar to one other artist, but I just could not figure it out until last year November when I found out he was Madeintyo’s brother and used to go by the name Royce Rizzy. So here are a few facts about 24hrs: he hails from Atlanta (seems like ATL keeps pumping out great talent these days), he’s apart of Private Club Records and has worked with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Lil Scrappy, Rich the Kid, Zaytoven, Swae Lee, and TM88.

He adopts a mysterious figure, sort of like how the Weeknd did the no interviews shit when he was blowing up. He’s a rapper,producer and mainly a singer. To be fair, the best thing he has ever done was to start singing.  He’s riding this new wave that we’re seeing in hip hop and R&B which is the fusion of trap-influenced R&B songs, the sound that made Bryson Tiller blow up. 24 is different in numerous ways, his videos are always colourful and bright consisting of pink neon nights, disguises his voice by pitching it up, which creates a unique and dramatic effect and mostly has the theme of Chinese culture. Which is a complete contrast to Madeintyo who’s signature theme is Japanese culture and anime. If you listen to the videos below you can hear how much of a stand out he is and he should have a big 2017. Better start listening to 24hrs or you’ll be hours late when he blows up.

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Listen to some of his music below



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